The NHLe Stars Model, which features the ‘NHLe Player Comparison Tool’ on this website, is based on the concept of using NHL equivalencies (NHLe), but builds extensively on the concept. The NHLe Stars Model includes every player drafted between 1990 and 2019 (in the first seven rounds) – totalling over 5,000 players – and includes over 40 league translations in the analysis, including custom-built translations.

The Model has the ability to greatly increase team drafting success. Estimates suggest nearly doubling the success rates of NHLers and tripling the success rates for star offensive producers.

The current dashboard was launched in October 2019 but the Model has been in development for a few years. For more on the thinking behind the Model, check out our Introduction Blog Post here.

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Byron Bader is a data science professional based in Calgary, AB. Byron’s expertise is centered in predictive modelling, analytics and dashboard development.

He is a former contributor to FlamesNation and NHL Numbers. Byron is also an NHL Draft Consultant, having worked with a Western Conference team for the 2019 draft. He is available for tailored insights and analytics related to drafting, prospect evaluation and trading.

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